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Founded with the goal of bringing innovation to the world of technology and the web, BluRibbon Technologies focuses on combining a variety of fresh software, design, and development techniques and concepts aimed at producing the fastest and most efficient experience possible for our clients filling the needs of their business.

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“Hello, I’m Patrice Fote a Software Engineer, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Google Ads Assistant & Founder of BluRibbon Technologies. Thanks for choosing our services”

Patrice is an experienced and skilled software engineer, versatile web developer, graphic designer, and google ads assistant with academic training in various other disciplines within the IT world such as cybersecurity, machine learning, data science, networking, sound design, and media arts. he holds a master of science in software engineering degree from Texas Tech University.

His experience as a full stack developer in conjunction with his growing knowledge and use of Google Ad Words from working as a web developer and digital marketing assistant for full-service advertising, google partner agencies give him the ability to create innovative UX/UI design solutions and provide S.E.O services for clients in various industries. At Bluribbon Technologies, he does whatever it takes to always deliver clients what they need and beyond to help lift them up and generate more conversions for their business on time and on budget.

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Patrice Fote


Our Vision

Logo design by Bluribbon technologies

BluRibbon Technologies was founded with the goal of bringing innovation to the world of technology with a focus on quality development, software, multimedia, and custom website design. We combine a variety of fresh techniques and concepts aimed at serving our clients with quality development and design services, giving them the fastest and most efficient experience possible to fill the needs of their business. We strive to craft groundbreaking functional application innovations, deliver optimal business solutions for our clients while building a creative and diverse global team, capable of making a positive impact in the communities where we live and work. We believe passionately in the ability and power of well-executed technological application ideas to change habits, lives, and, ultimately, the world for the better.


Our team consults with experts to find out more about the area of concern for which our clients seek a solution through observing, engaging, and empathizing with people. We aim to understand their experiences and motivations in order to gain a deeper understanding of the issues involved.


We then put together all the information created and gathered during the Empathize stage. This helps with the converging of great ideas to establish features, functions, and any other elements that will allow us to solve problems for our clients or, at the very least, allow users to resolve issues themselves with minimum difficulty


Our team produces a number of inexpensive, scaled-down versions of the product or specific features found within the product, mockups, and wireframes developing all conceptualized ideas into tangible objects demonstrating the solutions devised to fill the client’s needs.


Once all wireframes and mockups are approved by clients we then proceed to create high-quality applications for them. Focusing on delivering native applications that are more flexible and scalable, due to the “native” tools usage, java with android studios or swift for ios by preference ensuring stable and fast performance, maximum app lifetime, and fewer restrictions in the architecture and functions.

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Social Media
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“I have known Patrice Fote for several years. He is a very intelligent and ethical individual who deserves serious consideration for any opportunities which might come his way. My work with Patrice was mainly as a musician and in music recording projects. I was struck by his unusual talent as a lyricist and vocalist.​”

Ronald Maltais

Professor of Music , United World College Montezuma, USA

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“Patrice @ BluRibbon is simply the best. His commitment to excellence is simply outstanding. He helped me design a stellar website for my business for which I’m very grateful and proud. You should see it, so sleek.”

Suzanne Fote

Founder, Helm of your life

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“I had a great time studying software engineering with Patrice at the University. Not only can he master any technical software in no time, but he is also a people person like no other. Able to learn, understand, and communicate the needs of a client, Patrice was always focused on meeting every project expectation. He is definitely someone you want on your team”

Lino Virgen

System Analyst, PCCA

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